ASMA Furniture Decoration based in Ankara, Turkey, recently created an expansive outdoor deck for the Wyndham Ankara Hotel using thermally-modified timber (TMT) American ash. 

Kadir Asma, the founder of ASMA Furniture Decoration explains the design concept: “The application and design of the deck in the garden of Wyndham Ankara Hotel is a work that we are proud of. We used galvanized sheet metal on the sub-floor. Then we applied curvilinear, moon-shaped designs and this concept brought an interesting aesthetic. Events are held on the circular area and this creates a stage atmosphere. We also thought of people gathering around in a circle. We realized this design taking in to account both its visual appeal and its practicality.”

He continues, "In taking on such a decking job here in Ankara, we needed to select the most suitable material for the climatic conditions of the city. TMT American ash is well suited to these conditions. In Ankara we have a harsh winter and a very hot summer. We tried many different materials and we found that the most suitable timber was ash. In fact, we can say that about 80% of decking projects here in Ankara use ash. The hardness of ash is greater than that of pine or iroko. If you walk over pine or iroko with in high heels, you will leave a mark, but you will not over an ash floor. We know timber species from other parts of the world very well, but we can easily say that the most suitable for the thermowood process is ash from North American forests. Ash also grows in Ukraine as well as Turkey, but it does not meet expectations after the TMT process and deep cracks can occur very quickly. So far, TMT American ash has been our favorite and is the material that we are most satisfied with."

Providing the American ash used in the project, Tantimber CEO Yakup Kayataş said: As Tantimber, we are not a company that only supplies wood products. We take a different approach to each project by determining the needs of the projects that come to our hands, while combining these projects with the most accurate products and application solutions. The need of Wyndham Ankara was also a wood type that could adapt to climatic conditions and at the same time comply with Wyndham Service Quality. In this case, of course, our option was thermally-modified ash decking products. By equipping our products with our removable clip system, we have ensured that the deck parts can easily be removed and replaced with a new one in case of a possible breakage in the project, especially designed as a heavy traffic area. Thus, we have provided the fast solution required by a hotel, without any restrictions in the relevant area of ​​the technical department. All of our modified ash products consist of raw materials obtained from the sustainable forests of the North America."

About ASMA Furniture Decoration and Application Company

ASMA Furniture Decoration and Application Company was founded in 1995 by Kadir Asma in Ankara. The company, which has not compromised from its quality level since its establishment, draws attention with its success in special wood design applications. The company has many successful projects not only in Turkey but also in the world's many different countries like Canada, the Netherlands, Qatar and Kazakhstan. The team of ASMA Furniture Decoration and Application Company continue to work on distinguished projects with wood such as acoustics, deck applications and furniture production.

About TanTimber

Tantimber is a company with a facility established on an area of 10,000 m2 in the 2nd Organized Industrial Zone of Sakarya, and has an annual production capacity of 420,000 m2 with an annual processing capacity of 11,000 m3 Thermowood. The company, which produces thermally-modified cladding and deck coverings in accordance with the International Thermowood Association standards, exports to 47 countries.