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8 of Australia’s most highly regarded designers reimagine their works in American tulipwood.

Anne-Claire Petre, Adam Goodrum, Adam Markowitz, Coco Reynolds, Dowel Jones, Jon Goulder, Ross Gardam and Tom Skeehan rose to the challenge of  replacing the timber they normally use for their signature designs with American tulipwood. Tulipwood has been favoured in Europe for generations, but is little known in Australia. 

Replaced is a study of how to use a sustainable material sustainably. Encouraged to embrace the natural variation in the material provided, the designers have confronted the Australian preference for uniformity in timber. As one of the most prolific hardwoods in the US forest resource, the designers and the Australian design community were exposed to the rate at which the timber used in the project is rapidly replaced through natural regeneration. 

The designs were launched at Denfair, Australia’s premier design showcase, in Melbourne from June 14th to 16th 2018. 

Adam Goodrum - Molloy

Adam Markowitz - The Flea Chair

Anaca Studio - EMI Pod

Dowel Jones - Simon Says

Jon Goulder - Glissando

Marz Designs - Dome Hooks

Ross Gardam - 'Oak' Pendant

Tom Skeehan - Hoshi

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