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Ross Gardam - 'Oak' Pendant

"Being disciplined with material use underpins the studio’s design and manufacturing process and is paramount to how we gauge the success of any object. All products are designed by Ross Gardam and embody a unique, modern aesthetic. The Oak light was originally conceived from a desire to re-use the off-cuts that were produced by our solid oak table Half Full. The studio strives to achieve simplicity and purity in everything we do.  

The original Oak was manufactured from solid sustainable sourced American oak in 2012 and was one of the first commercial feature pendants made entirely from solid timber on the market. Three years later we introduced a Tasmanian blackwood version mainly for the international market. Each light shade is hand crafted and defined by the grain of the timber selected. The body of the light is accentuated by the intersecting hole, which allows a variety of hanging options with the cord wrapping through and around the hole detail. The timber lamination lines of the original product became secondary visually as the timber grain blended these joins. The grain structure of the American tulipwood accentuates these joins and this combined with the textured grain of the timber has created a much more visually striking piece."


Instagram: @rossgardam