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Evostyle is one of Australia's most experienced timber furniture manufacturers who specialise in high end furniture production. A family business, with over 30 years of experience, Evostyle has built an enviable reputation as the favourite choice of the country's most successful furniture designers and brands. 

The team is led by Louise and Luke Ommundson. Luke, a third generation craftsman, applies expert practical knowledge and experience to each project, advising designers on how to optimise their ideas through the best choice of material and structure. Louise, formerly an architect, ensures Evostyle's technical design capabilities are cutting edge. Together an inimitable combination. 

Evostyle and the American Hardwood Export Council first collaborated in 2016 for 'Seed to Seat' where they ably recorded all manufacturing data to allow AHEC to complete a full environmental life cycle assessment of each design. Following a further successful collaboration for the 'Limited Edition Bilgola' in 2017, Evostyle were again the natural partner for 'Replaced'. They say of the project:

"Manufacturing with tulipwood has some clear advantages.

As it is a very light, inexpensive American hardwood it is a good choice for manufacturers in making products with the right application. It is extremely easy to work with in terms of machining and sanding. 

Tulipwood is a great timber to use for turning. It machines well on a lathe, and also stains well, particularly if using darker stains.

It is also a strong timber despite its lightness.

The colour variation in American tulipwood is enormous. It can go from the whitest white, to the darkest blackish purple with lots of greenish tones in between. It is an economical timber to work with if you are happy to embrace the colour variations which occur in the natural timber sticks. It is not an economical timber if you have to try and colour match, so the product has to suit the application.

At Evostyle we support the use of American tulipwood, and try to use it whenever we can. This is mainly because of its great workability and its cost effectiveness.

We use it primarily for products that have a paint finish, as most customers are still unsure about the colour variation and how it effects the appearance of their designs. With 'Replaced' we have been able to demonstrate how the variation in colour is something that can, and should, be embraced as it can add a new dimension to design"


Instagram: @evostyle_aus