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Kwame's vision

Kwame Kwei-Armah commissioned Tomoko Azumi to create a sculptural seat for his garden. When meeting with Azumi for the first time, Kwei-Armah expressed his desire to create something that his grandson would be able to touch or sit in long after he was gone. Kwei-Armah also told Azumi about the book that changed his life, the autobiography of Malcolm X, about how wood makes him think of outdoor furniture in the Caribbean and of the slave ships that brought his ancestors from Africa to the Caribbean and the colonial ship that brought his parents to the UK. Azumi created a piece that captures all of this -a sculptural garden seat shaped like a boat with an X in the middle.

"I articulated the desire for my grandson, long after I’m gone, to be able to touch something that his grandfather and he had interacted and played with. I talked about the desire to have my energy in the wood so that future generations could touch that energy. A natural material can carry our vibrations for hundreds of years. Though I knew that, this project brought that into sharp focus for me. I found that surprising and joyous." - Kwame Kwei-Armah, Young Vic.