Hundreds of architects and industry professionals attend Perspective event in Venice

AHEC participated in this year’s Perspective, held by leading Italian design magazine The Plan, that acts as a networking and inspirational event for leading European architects, engineers, designers and other key industry figures. 

For the plenary session, AHEC’s European Director opened the event with an introduction to the ‘New Age of Wood’ and was followed by presentations by guest speakers invited by AHEC, architect Alison Brooks and designer Maria Bruun, to share their thoughts on working with wood, including U.S. hardwoods, and how it has shaped their practices. 300 specially invited guests of the forum attended the talk, plus 100 others that were connected remotely through live streaming, with many more accessing through the Plan website after the event.

During the forum AHEC also led two workshops focused on American hardwoods and their performance potential, which were attended by 30 participants from leading architecture, engineering and industry firms. Feedback questionnaires collected from the workshops showed that a significant proportion of the audience at each event were inspired to consider using American hardwoods in future projects. 

Hundreds of AHEC’s new species guides were handed out as well as links to our website for future communications. Many new architect contacts have been made which will be followed up in the coming months. The October issue of The Plan circulated to all delegates also featured an eight page article on AHEC’s Forest Tales exhibition held in Milan earlier this year as part of our promotion of red oak, maple and cherry.   


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