At AHEC we strive to influence the way people think about hardwood as a material. We have seen a revolution in timber use and it is creating new opportunities. Many hardwoods have a performance that can’t be ignored, which can provide huge benefits to designers, architects and engineers. This is something we communicate through our own creative projects, capture in our case studies of work from others and demonstrate through examples of use; providing new and exciting references of how American hardwoods are the perfect material in terms of form and function.

If you would like to submit a case study or example of American hardwoods in use, please europe [at] (subject: case%20study%20%2F%20example) (get in touch).

Collaborazioni sperimentali con partner creativi per allargare l’orizzonte delle qualità dei legni di latifoglie americane dal punto di vista strutturale, estetico e ambientale.

Progetti esistenti a livello globale che dimostrano i benefici in termini di performance dei legni di latifoglie americane.

Riferimenti pratici sui legni di latifoglie americane in uso.