The Story of Discovered

A collaboration between the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) and Wallpaper* magazine, Discovered offers a series of personal reflections on the experience of the pandemic, while providing a platform for new creatives after a year in which the usual channels for exposure were inaccessible. The exhibition is therefore a much-needed opportunity for emerging designers to get their work out there in front of the public and the industry.

Featuring: Sizar Alexis • Isabelle Baudraz • Nong Chotipatoomwan • Mac Collins • Mew Mungnatee • Siyanda Mazibuko • Josh Krute • Pascal Hien • Trang Nguyen • Alessandra Fumagalli Romario • Taiho Shin • Mimi Shodeinde • Juan Carlos Franco and Juan Santiago Sierra • Ivana Taylor • Martin Thübeck • Yunhan Wang • Tan Wei Xiang • Duncan Young • Vivienne Wong