Zigzag Furniture reinterprets traditional Korean design, using American hard maple and American walnut

Korean furniture designer Donqyeop Han has launched a collection of furniture pieces in American hard maple and American walnut, using bright colours that contrast the natural colour of the wood. The collection is inspired by the traditional Korean ‘Soban’ table, a low, tray-like table used for carrying food.

The tops of the tables have been made with grooves at a constant depth and spacing, giving them a ‘zig-zag’ pattern. These grooves are both decorative and functional – coasters with grooves of the same size fits perfectly on the tables, on which glasses, plates and vases can be placed.    

Dongyeop’s designs are mainly made using wood, particularly hard maple and walnut. “The reason I like hard maple is because of its smooth texture, and how it looks soft with its creamy color. I really like the combination of hardwood and colored materials, ecpecially the combination of hard maple and color,” he says.

“Hard maple has a bright and cheerful feel to it, while walnut feels heavy and luxurious, which also goes really well with color. When I make furniture, I tend to make it as a set, one with hard maple and the other with walnut,” he continues.