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Nick Wright - jewellery storage cabinet

Nick was inspired by the way Rachel Whiteread casts objects in her work so ended up creating a jewellery cabinet made out of red oak and cast Jesmonite. He created the textured finish on each piece of Jesmonite by scrubbing each piece of red oak with a wire brush to remove the softer grain and creating a plaster cast for each one. The piece features two concealed drawers with dovetail joints, a secret compartment, a mirror, in-built lighting and mint-green suede lining.

“Red oak was an Interesting material to use that has a nice colour and takes finishes well. It’s all about a palette of materials when you are a maker and it’s good to try new things.”



Tom Acland - drinks cabinet

Tom’s wall-mounted drinks cabinet has eye-catching red oak end grain panelled doors. The veneers for the doors were selected, joined and fitted by hand and the drawers were made using traditional dovetail techniques. Tom used liming wax to fill the end grain pores and white wax to help the pattern stand out.

“My inspiration was the artist Andy Goldsworthy and how he often works in nature using the materials he has to hand to create beautiful photogenic patterns and structures.”




Alec Brown - table top storage piece

Alec took inspiration from the tonalities and luxuriant lighting of Ryan McGinley’s photography in this elegant table top storage. A container with slatted sides inspired by apple crates and four drawers, his piece is stained and waxed in black and gilded behind the handles and along the drawer slides.

“The idea was that the gold would expose itself slowly on the sides, and the same with the red oak inside the drawers. At first it looks like a solid black object but the more you look at it and use it, the more it reveals itself.”



Jenna Eves - blanket chest

With her background in textiles Jenna was interested in making something that combined timber and fabric. She chose merino wool and transformed it into usable strips of felt by layering it and using hot water and soap before rubbing it into a material that could be cut into strips. The round-cornered chest is meant as an end-of-bed storage piece for blankets, cushions, books or shoes. Her inspirations were the original felt artworks of Healy & Burke.

“I used raw osmo oil to bring out the natural colour of the wood. I love the subtle red tones of the red oak.”



Ben Coleman - Toolbox

Ben Coleman has created a fully functioning toolbox in ebonised red oak with gilded handle that opens in the middle.


Jamie Waite - shelf and table

Jamie was inspired by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and the idea of his skin-and-bones minimal approach to architecture in his coffee table and wall-mounted cabinet duo. Keen to use fabric in his project to contrast with the wood and include a moving feature, he created a sliding door with upholstery fabric and red oak.

“I liked the grain of the red oak and I tried to get a nice visual effect by book-matching it. The medullary rays you find in the wood look like freckles and add a lot of character.”



Peter Marlow - Valet chair

Peter Marlow created a gentleman's valet chair.  


Kieran Hudson - Wakahuia

A re-imagining of a Maōri Wakahuia, a feather box. 


Jack Salvidge - stools

Jack Salvidge designed two stools with an accompanying box to store them.


Harry Swift - Cabinet

Harry Swift's cabinet features doors with steam-bent details.


Alfie Kingham - wall-hanging cabinet

Alfie Kingham created a wall-hanging cabinet with wire brushed sliding doors.

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Andrew Mills - cassette tape box

Andrew Mills created a storage box for cassette tapes.

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Carina Day - bedside table

Carina Day has created a bedside table with balancing legs.

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Karina Paberza - mobile planter

Karina Paberza has created a mobile planter with steam-bent components that join to form a screen.

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James Howard - drinks cabinet

James Howard created a drinks cabinet with details in white corian.

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Sophie Foster - wall-hanging shelves

Sophie Foster created wall-hanging shelves with steam-bent details.

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Will Neale - Side table

Will Neale created a side table to store plants on.

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