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Hans Ulrich's vision

Hans Ulrich Obrist chose a postbox because of his interest in postcards, which play an important role in contemporary art, and because the art of handwriting I slowly dying in this age of digitalization. Hans Ulrich also has a personal connection to postcards as he developed a passion for contemporary art as a young teen and started collecting postcards and curate exhibitions of his collection in his room. He has now started what he himself calls “a small movement” in order to save handwriting from dying out – he asks every artist, architect and poet that he meets to write or sketch something and then post it to his Instagram account.

"We have been thinking how wonderful it would be if visitors could send a postcard from the Serpentine. They could tell a friend about the show, write about what they see. You wouldn’t have to remember to buy a stamp because we could have stamps too. There would be an immediacy to recording a reaction to an artist, an artwork, or a memory.” - Hans Ulrish Obrist, Serpentine Galleries.