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Studiomama's design process

Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama of Studiomama found the idea of creating a postbox for the gallery very inspiring - thinking about a postbox as something more than just a place where you post your bills. When coming up with a design for the postbox, the pair had a few different ideas. They played around with different designs, some resembling a more conventional postbox and others more abstracted.

"The design that was chosen was the most communicative as it accentuates the opening where you put the postcard in. It is also one of the simplest designs that we came up with, so we were happy because that meant it could act as a canvas for us to embellish and add to its originality and performance. We wanted people to have a surface to write the postcard on so they could post it straight away. Our postbox has a flat top that people can lean on as they write" - Jack Mama, Studiomama