Literatur / Sammlung von Veröffentlichungen

Wir sehen es als unsere Aufgabe an, im Namen der Industrie dazu beizutragen, Inspiration und Information zur Verfügung zu stellen. Gleichzeitig möchten wir vermitteln, dass amerikanische Laubhölzer einen kreativen Prozess mitgestalten können. Dies tun wir, indem wir Original-Berichte, Fotografie und Film in Auftrag geben und technische Publikationen für Designer, Architekten und Ingenieure erstellen.

Educational and interesting collections of discussions with key figures in the architecture, design, environment and science fields. Dive into longer length debates around key issues in the industry or discover an exclusive 10 minute interview with notable designers. Available on your usual streaming platforms.

Creative and technical guides created by us for designers, architects and engineers to help provide inspiration, information and evidence that American hardwoods can shape a creative process.

Original reports, commissioned by us to provide information and evidence of the legality and sustainability of American hardwoods.

Telling the whole story: The environmental life cycle of American hardwoods

All products have an impact on the environment and this impact can occur at any time during the manufacture, usage or at end of life. All these stages are collectively called a life-cycle. Products have impacts from: material extraction and transport; processing, manufacture, distribution and installation; maintenance and refurbishment; to eventual end of life and disposal.

Maximising carbon storage through sustainable forest management

This briefing draws on information from a range of recent studies to show how a policy of active forest management including sustainable timber production can offer significant carbon benefits compared to a strategy that relies only on forest preservation.

Introduction to U.S. forestry regulation

It is increasingly important for buyers and users of forest products to understand the regulatory framework governing forest management in the countries from where timber is sourced. Laws like the EU Timber Regulation and U.S. Lacey Act require that traders and manufacturers demonstrate this knowledge to regulators so they are assured of a negligible risk of illegal harvest.