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Fadi Sarieddine

Fadi Sarieddine Design Studio is a multidisciplinary atelier that was officially founded in 2013 by Lebanese architect Fadi Sarieddine and his wife Lilas Bitar. Primarily focusing on furniture design, each bespoke piece is designed to cater to a personal "want" or a universal need. He takes from his broad architectural experience to enrich his furniture by coupling form and function, giving life to practical and charming objects.

Sarieddine’s experimental design approach challenges the fundamentals of traditional design; on the one hand he examines the use of unconventional materials by taking them out of their natural setting and applying them as a new medium thus giving them a new identity. On the other, he cleverly lends functions and compartments to an otherwise basic object.

His pieces come with a sense of discovery, like books with stories yet to be told...