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Jon Goulder - Glissando

"Glissando Credenza was originally designed for my solo exhibition in 2008 and has since been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia for permanent collection. The Glissando is environmentally responsible because it is a handmade collectible. Like much of my work Glissando is designed to be collected and handed through generations. This piece will never end up as land fill. 

To work with AHEC and to be included in this project is a true privilege and to have the Glissando made using American tulipwood is amazing because it gives the piece a whole new look and meaning. 

The Glissando has now been made using one of the most sustainable hardwoods on the planet whilst maintaining its collect ability. In doing so, Glissando has become a capsule of environmentally responsible furniture production and philosophy. "


Instagram: jongoulder