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Future Heirlooms – Turkey

In exhibition until the end of September 2023 at The Circle space in Istanbul, Future Heirlooms invites seven emerging Turkish designers to think freely in order to create an object or a piece of furniture that fully encapsulates the themes of sustainability, longevity and quality. How do our objects help promote these themes in an increasingly fast-paced world? How can we foster a sense of thoughtful, intentional, and holistic design in order to slow down excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, mindless consumption and waste?

The designs created for this project are one-off functional objects or small furniture pieces, suitable for indoor use, for domestic or public realms. They were manufactured by Yonga Mobilya in Denizli from American cherry, hard maple and red oak.

To find out more about how and where to visit the exhibition, click here.

Images are available for download here.

All photography by Volkan Dogar / Atolye Pera.


Future heirlooms vision and process

Asli Eylem Kolbas

(Speculating) Dom Hans van der Laan’s (Irrational) Bench

Ayca Yılmaz

The Empath Door

Deniz Koldas and Nazli Mutlu


Deniz Yenidogan


Gurcan Bulut

Teeter Board

Oyku Uner


Studio Yellowdot

Bodin Hon and Dilara Kan | Checkered

Future heirlooms hardwood species

Future heirlooms Environmental Profile

Future Heirlooms Partners