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Future Heirlooms

Future Heirlooms invites seven South African designers to think freely in order to create an object or a piece of furniture that fully encapsulates the themes of sustainability, longevity and quality. How do our objects help promote these themes in an increasingly fast-paced world? How can we foster a sense of thoughtful, intentional, and holistic design in order to slow down excessive production, overcomplicated supply chains, mindless consumption and waste?

The designs created for this project will be one-off functional objects or small furniture pieces, suitable for indoor use, for domestic or public realms. They will be manufactured by Houtlander in Johannesburg from American red oak under the mentorship of the Always Welcome Southern African design cooperative, also based in Johannesburg, where the pieces will ultimately come to be exhibited.

Thabisa Mjo Mash T Studio

Thabisa Mjo - Mash T Studio

Adriaan Hugo and Katy Taplin Dokter and Misses

Mpho Vackier The Urbanative

Charles Haupt and Gerrit Giebel Node Studio

Joe Paine Joe Paine Studio

Siyanda Mazibuko Kumsuka Design

Nikhil and Nindya Bucktowar Kalki


Project Partners - Future Heirlooms