The physical form of this installation shows the transformation of hardwood from its rawest form into the fine finish of cabinetry, expressing how furniture ultimately comes from the forest.

“We have built a woodland from rough sawn vertical planks of American tulipwood, cherry, red oak and maple and out of this woodland we are drawing finished pieces of furniture. We have kept the vertical stripes of the forest and extended them into the furniture, transforming them from the raw state of the tree trunks into the polished finish of the cabinet maker”. - Sean Sutcliffe, Benchmark

Sean’s favourite part of the project is how this installation elegantly expresses that furniture comes from the woods, a direct relationship that people don’t always make.The bold timber installation comprises four individual and unique pieces, containing mirrors, chairs, tables and a love seat which all remain hidden within the wall, encouraging users to touch and inhabit this piece, to interact and play with it, opening its different components and discovering new configurations.