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Materials I work with most…

As an interior designer, I work a lot with timber, for the beautiful warmth and variety of textures and tones it brings to a space. I also use marble regularly because of its luxe feel and inherent patterns, which always add detail and interest. And I’m very fond of metallics such as brass, for the sophisticated gleam and glamour they bring to any room.

What I like about wood…

I like that no two pieces are the same, so every piece of wood you work with has its own history, character and appeal. As I mentioned above, I love the various textures and tones of wood. The challenge of working with it lies in finding the right texture and colour to suit the piece or space you are working on. My favourite project so far has been creating the Chest range of furniture, it’s a vintage-inspired collection with contemporary appeal. In a sofa, lounge chairs, armchairs, coffee tables and credenza, I’ve used the finest quality American white oak to celebrate the lines of mid-century modern furniture design, and balanced those angles with a series of curved, sculptural side tables. The mix of pieces emphasises the wonderful versatility of wood. 

What was the inspiration for Stripped?

I love the work of minimalist architects Claudio Silvestrin and John Pawson, and this seat pays tribute to their vision. For this project, I have used two hardwoods with different finishes: charred wire-brushed American red oak and wire-brushed American tulipwood with white dust. I wanted to explore the different finishes to see what is possible working with wood, and the different look and feel it takes on depending on its finish. The wire brushing exposes the character of the grain and the white dust highlights the natural brightness of the tulipwood. I have combined the two in a striped effect to showcase and highlight the different species side by side – also, the graphic use of stripes is very much part of the Greg Natale Design DNA. Another signature material I like to use is brass, which adds a bit of bling and juxtaposes the surfaces of the wood for a dramatic contrast.