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For over 20 years the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) has been at the forefront of wood promotion in Europe, successfully building a distinctive and creative brand for U.S. hardwoods.  AHEC’s support for creative design projects such as The Wish List for The London Design Festival, helps demonstrate the performance potential of these sustainable materials and provides valuable inspiration. This is the AHEC’s fourth and most ambitious collaboration with Wallpaper* Handmade.

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Kolman Boye Architects

Kolman Boye Architects was founded in 2013 by Erik Kolman Janouch and Victor Boye Julebäk after having collaborated on several projects. The practice has a research-based approach, coupling academic work with construction and material investigation. Projects are informed by a sensitivity to experience, cultural heritage and the physical qualities of architecture.

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Benchmark is a leading company of craftspeople and designers, founded 30 years ago by Terence Conran and Sean Sutcliffe. One of Great Britain’s most technologically advanced workshops, the team is now 50 strong in over 40,000 sq ft of workshops for timber milling, carpentry, veneering, spraying, specialist metalworking and upholstery, as well as design studio. Their sustainable credentials are second to none. Benchmark works extensively with hotels, restaurants, public buildings, offices and private residences.

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Truly international, consistently intelligent and hugely influential, Wallpaper* is the world’s most important design and style magazine. Wallpaper* has readers in 93 countries and has unparalleled success in reaching the design elite right across the globe. With 12 themed issues a year, a limited-edition cover by a different artist or designer each month, over 1.14 million Twitter followers and a monthly iPad edition, Wallpaper* has evolved from style bible to internationally recognised brand.

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With special thanks to our timber donators:

Middle Tennessee Lumber

Blue Ridge Lumber

Robert Coleman Lumber

Beard Hardwoods, Inc

Allegheny Wood Products

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