• lifecycles

AHEC collaborated with Nathan Yong and manufacturers Fowseng to conduct a full lifecycle assessment of each piece in the collection. This is a scientific evaluation methodology that analyses the environmental impact of the designs throughout their entire lifecycle. This takes into account all processes from extraction of the wood, its processing and then transport to the factory in Malaysia. It then considers all of the processes involved in the manufacturing and delivery to Singapore for this exhibition. 

The hardwood used to create all the Lifecyles designs today arrived in Malaysia carbon negative, with a footprint of -83.6kgCO2 equivalent. Little energy is required to produce the material and transport it by sea relative to the large amount of carbon stored in the wood. 
However, the final carbon footprint of the collection is 1257kgCO2 equivalent. 

This is the equivalent of the carbon footprint of the average Singapore citizen over a 55 day period, or a one-way economy flight from Singapore to Sydney.