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Tamara's vision

Tamara Rojo commissioned a shelf for her LPs. Growing up without a TV, music has always been a big part of her life and she started collecting vinyls from an early age Having recently moved into a new flat, she realised there was no space for her to place her LPs, and she therefore asked Martino Gamper to create a shelf for her to store and display them. 

“As a child I would put music on and dance around my living room. When I moved to London, I took a lot of my collection with me to try and create that feeling of home. Recently I had to move out of my flat for a year while it was being renovated and I really missed my records. When I moved back in, there was nowhere to put them and I realised I really wanted a place where I could put my LPs so I could enjoy them on my days off.” - Tamara Rojo, Englsih National Ballet.