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Tomoko's design process

When Tomoko Azumi first met Kwame, he didn't have a set idea of the object he wanted, so they started by designing several different pieces, some that even incorporated sound. They finally decided on a boat-shaped garden seat, inspired by the journeys of Kwame's ancestors. The structure of the seat represents the crystal structure of gold, known as a face-centred cubic system, which has atoms at each corner of the cube and six atoms on each face.

"This speaks to Kwame’s origins, the continent his ancestors are from and where this precious metal is mined. It represents the precious part of his history.The name 'Au' refers to gold on the periodic table of elements and also to the sound au, which means ‘to meet’ or ‘to see’ in Japanese. This seat is a cosy hideaway for Kwame and his grandson, it will be a secret meeting point." - Tomoko Azumi