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Gurcan Bulut

Teeter Board

Initial design proposal

The "Game" fictions that have shaped life throughout history will continue to evolve and be passed down from ancient civilizations to future generations, within the framework of Future Heirlooms theme, became his starting point in developing design ideas. When he focused his research on the relationship between games and design, he focused on games with the principle of balance.
Furthermore, due to the preference for a natural material like wood, he aimed to ensure a harmony between the material and the form in the design. He developed his work towards the meeting of the teeter-board, a timeless game based on having fun, and the rock formations that have existed in balance over a long period of time.

Thus, he began studying rock formations and creating sketches.

Design development and production process

To emphasize the natural effect as much as possible, he developed masses in various geometries, thicknesses, and sizes. As a result of the color & texture studies carried out with the atelier and the jury, he preferred the application of protective oil in anthracite tone on the surfaces that were accentuated by deep brushing. For its suitability for intensive assembly applications required for production, as well as its distinctive patterns and the ability of applying various color tones, it was agreed that the most suitable choice among the options is American red oak wood. The first two compositions of the Teeter-Board collection, which will gain quality as they wear over time and will provide a unique gaming joy with their asymmetrical yet balanced structure, emerged in this way.