• The brief

The brief


Riva Industria Mobili S.p.A. of Cantù, a company that markets its products under the registered trademark RIVA 1920, and the American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC), an association at the forefront of wood promotion in Europe that has built a distinctive brand for American hardwood, are promoting the Design Award "A seat at the table" for the design of a table in solid wood, using one of three sustainable American hardwood species, which are underutilised despite being highly available - American red oak, maple and cherry.

The title of the project is 'A seat at the table', an expression that means 'to take part in the discussion'. We firmly believe that the new generation of designers has as much to say as the more established designers, and that they will play a central role in our future, paving the way for innovative and eco-friendly furniture design using sustainable materials such as American hardwoods.

"A seat at a table" is a project that will give a voice to 4 emerging designers along with the opportunity to see a prototype of their project produced and then enter a high-profile exhibition where they can reach a large audience with their work and ideas.