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Aces of Space is a multidisciplinary design team with offices in the UAE and Netherlands. The team’s mission was to create a genuine dining experience that enhances the daily life of the local community.

Located in the Springs Souk shopping mall in Dubai, Asia Tang is an escape from the norm, a though-out fusion of flavors, ideas and rich details. When Aces of Space were approached to come aboard and make it special, they happily sat down, let their minds drift into unexplored conceptual space and came back down with a fully-formed conceptual universe, including interior design, graphic design, menu design, packaging, and collateral elements. The open kitchen offers you a glimpse of the chefs applying their masterful skills to the fresh dish of your choice. But the real eye-catcher here is the mesmerizing wall graphic by Eskader. In tune with the authentic concept, this artwork was painted directly onto the wall. It is inspired by Gauguin’s late 19th-century masterpiece ‘Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?’

The team decided to choose American ash, stained with a teak finish for the interior, due to its availability, similar characteristics and cost-effectiveness. Because of the wide availability of American ash in the local market, Aces of Space were given the opportunity to choose the grain pattern for each item and achieve the distinct aesthetic they desired. The decision paid off, as the durability and quality of ash has proven itself time and time again.

“The unique character of the wood gives the space it’s authentic personality" says John Bautista.

The design of Asia Tang’s interior space is set up as a traditional European bistro, fused with both traditional and contemporary Asian influences. Although the overall feel is warm, light and inviting, there are nostalgic elements and references - e.g. ceiling fans, authentic pen portraits and delicately crafted pottery - that create a more layered and in-depth experience. Contrast and color are used throughout the area, but always in a subtle and balanced way, so nothing disturbs the relaxed, family-friendly vibes.

Project team: Andrew Theunissen, Tim Hundersmarck, Babs Van hassel, Gijs Coolen, Bart Elfrink, Fre Lemmens and John Bautista


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