Foyer First

First impressions have a huge impact on subsequent beliefs. If a foyer is remarkable, we assume what lies behind is equally remarkable. In the case of 60, Carrington Street, Sydney these assumptions would be correct. The building is the home of global architectural powerhouse Woods Bagot.

The refurbishment unlocked the opportunity for Woods Bagot to move into the building in 2012, creating an office space to meet the flexible needs of the modern day workplace. 

The use of American white oak timber in the lobby is a dramatic introduction to the other materials that define the space of Woods Bagot’s Sydney studio.

Woods Bagot and Elan Construct collaborated on the foyer project. The double height void of the entrance gave the appearance of an art deco hotel. The team created a structure to span the height of the space to dramatic effect.

To bring both warmth and texture, the mesmerizing curved wall design was created from American white oak. The height of the building meant that above industry standard import lengths of timber were required. As one of the largest trees in the American forests, American white oak not only met the length requirements but was also specified in premium furniture grade to ensure the highest quality finish. The result is an effect not often seen in a commercial building. 

Boris Tosic and his team from Elan Construct, known for their precision and attention to detail, customised multi-angled tongue-and-groove joints to maintain the fluidity of the curved design whilst supporting the natural expansion and shrinking of timber. The team also custom made American white oak seating for the entrance to ensure a seamless visual experience.  

One of the highlights of the project for Tosic was that the building was fully tenanted and operational during the building phase. Elan had to carefully consider the unfinished appearance on a daily basis as the build unfolded. They also needed to keep disturbance to a minimum which involved working unconventional hours. However, watching the foyer evolve created a buzz with those coming to work each morning in the offices above, eager to see the latest part of the transformation.  

Elan have developed a deserved reputation in Australia for their superior skill in architectural joinery and understanding of timber construction and design. Boris Tosic says of the foyer “I feel it’s a celebration of the strength, beauty and utility of timber. The repetition and curve of the timber creates an order and accuracy in an engineering sense, and yet the fluid curve of the overall wall creates a flow and beauty within the uniformity”.