Old friends reunited in Milan

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The opening of the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition in Milan saw maple and cherry back in the limelight, as bright, fashionable and individual as ever.

Pub table by Aberrant ArchitectsBut this time they were working perfectly together in a modern and playful interpretation of an old concept, the traditional pub table. “Devil Amongst the Tailors” created by London based aberrant architects and beautifully crafted by Benchmark Furniture, was a winner with everyone. The warm tones of the cherry in the base of the table contrast perfectly with the white reflective sheen of the bleached maple table-top. Made from solid wood all the timber was carefully selected and positioned to provide a mosaic of grain and texture.

A sister piece in American ash and black walnut again provided a captivating contrast with the light and dark tones reflecting two species that have understandably been a first choice for designers for a number of years now.  But it was the two fruit-woods with their subtle grain and glassy finish that attracted the most attention, which made me reflect that it won’t be long before maple and cherry are once again in vogue. I have been promoting American hardwoods for many years and I am beginning to realise they never really go out of fashion but just take it in turns to be centre stage.