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'Paul's Shed'

Paul Smith has commissioned Nathalie de Leval… Designer, Sir Paul Smith has requested a shed from bespoke furniture designer, Nathalie de Leval. Not just any shed, ‘My Shed’ – a request befitting of any man. When asked about his brief Paul Smith said, ‘Really the inspiration behind the design was to create somewhere where you can go to switch off, somewhere to relax. In today’s world where everyone is so busy, I think this is really important and very needed.’ The shed will not be stuck in the corner of a garden; rather it will sit on the top of a hill or by a forest, overlooking an amazing view.

Paul goes on to explain, ‘The shed is 3m by 3m, the same size as my first ever shop in Nottingham. Completely coincidentally, Matisse’s famous cut-out ‘The Snail’ is also the same size.’
Paul Smith, London Design Festival
Commenting on why he chose to work with Nathalie, Paul comments, ‘In this highly commercialised world it is so nice to discover someone who is so hands on, not only in terms of her design but also in the making of her furniture. Nathalie’s understanding of the materials she works with is really amazing, she combines this with fantastic craftsmanship to make something truly contemporary.’

The thermally modified ash for 'Paul's Shed' was kindly donated by Morgan Timber and Northland Forest Products.

Species: Thermally modified ash

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