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John Pawson, London Design FestivalJohn Pawson, London Design Festival

John Pawson has commissioned Studio Areti… British designer John Pawson didn’t have a specific item in mind, but was interested in exploring the things you touch and use everyday - things that are moments, like switching on a light and opening a door. He chose to work with sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kershbaumer from Studio Areti. He comments, ‘These things often come down to instinct, but I was interested in the breadth of training and experiences the two sisters bring to their design studio – from architecture and art history to product design.  I believe strongly in the importance of providing talented people with interesting opportunities. For me it's a chance to see things through other eyes, to get a fresh perspective on familiar questions.’ Gwendolyn and Guillane are taking on the challenge: ‘John was particularly interested in built-in items for a room such as light switches, plugs, doorknobs, doors and doorframes.’ These discussions led them to a family of pieces – a triangular shelf, a slanted door and a hook. Inspired by the simplicity and intelligence of Pawson’s work, Studio Areti has set out to achieve, ‘a design that is calming because of its simplicity and strength, yet at the same time stimulating because of its beauty and character.’

Species: White oak and walnut