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  • 19th May 2010

    AHEC on TV

    By:David Venables in Comment, Events, Architecture and Design

    An interview on prime time national Spanish TV today was certainly a first for me. Despite the significant profile we have achieved over many years of hardwood promotion in Spain this kind of opportunity does not come along very...

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  • 18th April 2010

    The language of wood

    By:David Venables in Comment

    This week has seen a remarkable development in AHEC’s global promotion of hardwood, for the first time our new website and the new species guide are all available Russian, Polish, Turkish and Arabic. I have to confess I can’t...

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  • 22nd February 2010

    Green by association or 'green' marketing - fact or fiction

    in Comment, Environment

    As a committed environmentalist and passionate advocate for wood, it is the genuine green credentials of the material that inspire me. But it also clearly inspires the marketing gurus of other industries as well. An increasing...

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  • 16th February 2010

    Green wood working

    in Comment

    On Friday I watched the first in a new BBC series on "ancient crafts" presented by Monty Don. This week the focus was the art of "bodging" which to you and me translates as "green wood working". It...

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  • 10th February 2010

    "Green" plastic carpets?!?

    in Comment, Environment

    I regard myself as a true "woody" so I get so frustrated when non-wood materials or products claim to be so much greener. It is a fact that wood is renewable, it stores carbon and has a very low embodied energy in most...

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