Do you, or would you specify timber for external cladding?

At American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC) we are conducting a survey of the external cladding market through the attached questionnaire. The purpose of this exercise is to determine the feasibility of using North American hardwood species for use in external situations, notably cladding. This information will be collated and presented at the AHEC conference in Warsaw in October. Responses will not be disclosed individually and will remain solely within the domain of AHEC.

Occupation *
Country *
1. Have you specified timber for external cladding in the past 12 months? *
Yes No
2. If so, what timber species was selected? Choose all species if more than one. *
Western red cedar
Siberian larch
European oak
American white oak
UK grown larch
3. Which of the following five criteria was this selection based on? Please rank in order of importance: *
  Very Important Important Neutral Unimportant Very Unimportant
Initial Appearance
Service Life
Track Record / Specified before
Weathering Performance
4. Have you previously specified wood modified products: *
  Yes No
5. Would you consider a surface coating to enhance performance? *
Yes No
6. Are fire retardant treatments becoming more widely specified for external timber cladding? *
Yes No
7. If so, does this influence choice of species? *
Yes No